Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gum Tree on Pier

This afternoon I stopped by Gum Tree, a darling new eco-friendly shop on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach.  The store is an older home, airy and simple and very beachy in style, with a welcoming porch and equally as welcoming owners.

I loved it all (the delicate gold jewelry, a bold and colorful beaded necklace, the j'e t'aime throw pillow, Matisse: Dance For Joy by Susan Goldman Rubin, a cardboard playhouse perfect for the wildly creative and artistic kid), but ended up purchasing a Brazilian wish bracelet as a gift for my best friend.  The owner explained that the bracelet is tied to the wrist with three knots, and each after each knot, the wearer makes a wish.  The bracelet is worn until it falls off, and then the wishes are said to come true.  Hope is often a necessary gift to give, I think.

Gum Tree supports local merchants and carries a variety of eco-friendly design and lifestyle merchandise, children's products included.  It's a one-stop shop for gifts (and for you, of course). The owners, a husband and wife team, are as friendly & sweet as can be; the wife runs the shop and the husband runs the Gum Tree Cafe.  The cafe was closed when I stopped by, but you can be certain I will absolutely be back.  I've already scoured the darling menu I was handed on my way out.  

The cafe serves breakfast and lunch (open Tuesday - Sunday from 7am-4pm).  Everything looks so delicious it's all I can do to stop myself from typing out the entire menu.  I'll appease my mouth-watering by listing their menu categories instead: 

"at gum tree, we strive to use organic & locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.  we are committed to your health & the health of our environment."

toasties and spreads (vegemite, nutella, jam, or peanut butter)
croissants/scones/muffins assorted fresh daily
organic greek yogurt
breakfast sandwiches (think aged cheddar w/ vegemite & tomato on sourdough, or brie & apricot preserves on baguette, or grilled mushroom, egg, bacon, & feta on ciabatta)
fresh fruits/eggs
sandwiches (free range turkey, veggie, etc)
salads (roasted beet, melbourne greek, chopped, etc)
shared plates (Mediterranean dips, artisanal cheese plate)
seasonal soup of the day
lamington (sponge cake dipped in chocolate & rolled in coconut)
assorted cookies
Aussie candy bars
Tim Tams
imported coffee & teas
milo hot cocoa
fresh squeezed juices
bottled drinks

Can't wait to think up an excuse to go back.  

238 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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