Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Write This Sitting in the Kitchen Sink

This is my first creative piece I'd like to share.  I figure, once I share them all, maybe I'll start writing again.  Because I'll have nothing more to share unless I do.  We shall see.  So, here goes!

Ole Blue Eyes by Genevieve
Spring Sale at Bendel's, 1921 by Florine Stettheimer

Poof. Purple firecrackers dance about, all swirly-whirly above my head. I’m not sure who is celebrating what, but I decide it would be nice to join in. I’m especially glad I’ve brought along extra scuba masks to thank the hosts for their kindness. The party room is a marble checkerboard, and it shines like the booty inside of a treasure chest. There are no pirates about though, all stringy and sour-looking. Instead, giggly people sit on giant arm chairs and golden beanbags. Others tumble past me, turning cartwheels and walking on their hands, flipping this way and that. A silk knapsack as big as a cheese wheel sits in a wagon by the door. The sign says Take One Already! and I do. I reach in and pull out a kazoo. It is new and it is blue. The blue happens to be my favorite kind of blue – the kind I catch the ocean mixing when he thinks I’m not looking. I play my kazoo heartily and my “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” tune draws a crowd. They skip around me and I feel alive. Waiters in emerald cummerbunds appear with snickerdoodles and star-fruit and banana hot chocolate. I plop down on a golden beanbag and the fireworks above fade. Instead, the stars become electric, like small flashy buttons, and I rearrange the Little Dipper with my pointer finger. A red velvet cape drapes around me and the chill disappears. I stand up and bow because that is what I do when I wear a red velvet cape. Such decadence, I think. Eternal bubbles and Tupperware drums and wooden spoons bumble around in the shiny marble room. I pick up a bubble as big as a fishbowl. I shake it and it jingles, and I draw it in my mind so I don’t forget its beauty. The bubble reminds me of my zebra, and I realize that I’ve left his cinnamon toast in my fort under the stairs. I thank my hosts. “I had a wonderful time. My favorite part was everything.” They smile and look beautiful in their scuba masks. And before the fiddlers have fled, I return home while I still have got that shine.


Kelly said...

This writing sends me to many places in my mind! Thank you for such whimsy!

Allie said...

I hope you don't mind me being too snoopy, but I thought I'd look through your WHOLE blog. What can I say, I have nothing to do at work.

So, you've read "I Capture the Castle", eh? It is literally one of my top three favorite books.

Oh, friend!