Friday, December 19, 2008

A Weekend's Dose of Glamour & Grace

This photo reminds me of glamour and grace at its ultimate. Below, I've gone on to list several more that have summoned similar sentiments, although none as perfect as the picture above:

One glamorous post.
And one glamorous blog.
Sumptuous conversation over drinks prepared by renowned barman Colin Field of the Hemingway Bar in Paris.
A literary tour of said Parisian city.
The Odeon three years ago, a glass of wine in hand, an English screening of Marie Antoinette, and the feeling of absolute contentment as one sinks into those plush velvet seats.
Find subtle glamour and grace at this Big Sur destination.
The book more than the movie, although I prefer the movie over most others.
Valentino makes tangible both glamour and grace via this classic design. 
Standard Florentine winter-wear
Newport's most fashionable and thus glamorous Christmas tree.
The Maltese Falcon, a yacht as graceful as it is revolutionary.

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