Friday, February 13, 2009

peanut butter love

I arrived at my desk this morning to find the cutest Valentine's Day gift. My co-worker Lisa, fellow peanut butter aficionado to the ultimate and one of the most thoughtful people I know, left for me a peanut-butter themed present. In addition to the best card I've ever received and the peanut butter goodies (all wrapped up inside a darling pink paper bag), Lisa gifted me Peanut Butter Bomb cookies from Isabella's Cookie Company. I have never tasted anything better in my life. So much so, I'm struggling with adjectives appropriate enough to describe them virtually. Well, let me try:

Imagine waking up one morning to learn that someone has developed a way to remove every last calorie from peanut butter. In doing so, it was discovered that an excessive diet of peanut butter has positive medicinal consequences and as such, should be consumed with every meal.

The euphoric feelings conjured by my hypothetical story translate as 1/4 of the euphoria felt when actually eating one of Isabella's Peanut Butter Bomb cookies. I highly highly recommend running to your nearest Whole Foods - or better yet, the Cookie Company itself - and making the best purchase of your life.

Oh, and after perusing their website and fighting off the urge to eat the computer monitor, I cannot wait to sample the following: Isabella's Original, The Twister...and I've just realized I'm about to list every cookie they make. I suppose the Big Cookie Sample will just have to suffice.

Read up on Isabella's via Daily Candy here.

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