Saturday, March 28, 2009


Welp.  Moving out, moving up.  This week has been dragging on, but it's official; tomorrow I leave on my one-way out of LAX.  To kick off the weekend, here are a few noteworthy's:

My kind of math
Black and white stripes
Kathryn's tried/true rant on being a writer and wanting a space to do it in
Sweet Allie and her ebullient blog
What is it with me and cocktail napkins
Photography so lovely, each print feels like a deep breath

I am off to the Nail Bar for a bit of an indulgent mani/pedi.  It's a going away gift from myself.  Life is good.  After, I'm going to take a bite out of a very large, metropolitan apple.  See you in NY!

[image via yvette inufio]

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Joseph said...

Ahhh I'm so excited for you!!! And thanks for the mention!