Saturday, March 21, 2009

new roots

I've found it - the East Coast equivalent to my Los Angeles beach cottage.  It is bubbling with character, as well as a beautiful new kitchen and a picturesque Holiday Golightly fire escape.

I am experiencing jet lag to the max and slept all of three hours last night.  Life is good, however, and I sat in bed, looked out my hotel window over the Hudson, (contemplated ordering early morning coffee and oatmeal) and waited for my first NY sunrise.  I can't believe I will be living here in one short week.

Today has in store the following:
  1. a quick trip to the realtor's office for paperwork-completing
  2. taking the ferry into Manhattan to meet J for lunch
  3. getting in touch with B for a possible dinner/Sunday coffee rendezvous
But before I go, a few foods for thought: 
  1. can't get this sofa out of my design-crazed mind
  2. very luxurious, these sheepskin throws, especially when draped over chairs around a kitchen table
  3. this tiered shower curtain for my new cast iron footed bathtub 
  4. oh, and I am so hungry I could eat this delectable banner
Operation eat something gen has commenced.

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