Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy birthdays all around

Happy birthdays to Amanda May and Genevieve Lorraine. So glad to have my best friend visiting from Huntington Beach, and it seems that she brought with her the beautiful southern California weather.

We had a delicious birthday dinner last night, sampled wines from four different countries, and enjoyed tapas on the sidewalk at BIN 14, a trattoria/wine bar on Washington Street. To further our friend/food feast of a weekend, we woke leisurely this morning and whipped up a decadent breakfast of chocolate chip banana blueberry pancakes.

A walk by the Hudson is on the agenda for this afternoon, and possibly a trip back to that great shoe boutique we passed on the way to dinner. We're both looking forward to celebrating with friends tonight. And along with the great weather, Amanda also brought with her red paint, as we've big plans to paint the town a shade of something indulgent.

Enjoy your weekend! Sending love.

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Allie said...

Sounds deliciously fun!