Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tennis and pending weekend excitement

As I try and level out my work/life balance, my posting tendencies may be more sporadic than I’d like. I am beginning to develop a routine, however, and as I have officially checked the DMV off of my list, I’m feeling more and more at home in my new state. Happy to report my new license photo is an absolute improvement; no longer do I look like a little boy missing a tooth.

You’ll be happy to learn that yes, after my nap, I checked out the gym a few blocks from my home. Great facilities, treadmills with TV’s that play music videos (love that), and even towel service (love that even more).

And last night, my friend Zack – also an LA transplant and Lexus analyst – invited me to play tennis at his club in Chatham. Gahh, I would just die for a membership. The facilities are down right beautiful, and we hit on clay. I’ve an important decision to make: a fitness club conveniently a few blocks away, or an incredible tennis facility with a gym and a pool and good people to hit with that will probably cost one arm/one leg/both. Hmmm.

Moving on. Amanda visits tomorrow! My childhood best friend is flying in for the week, and I am looking forward to having her here. Possible activities include:

Tea at the Plaza in dual birthday celebration
Exploring both sides of the Hudson
Possibly re-enacting our dances to Britney albums 1-3 or the entire Mulan soundtrack (minus the water ballet)
Sampling Hoboken restaurants and bars
Catching up on all things familiar, etc.

On another note, Gum Tree’s website is up and running! Lori was very sweet to recognize me in her press section. Vair vair flattering. The site looks fantastic! And now that I live on the East Coast, I’m really looking forward to stopping by her husband Will’s Australian bar and restaurant Eight Mile Creek on Mulberry Avenue. It’s just a minute’s walk from Jess and Taylor’s apartment, can’t wait.

I hope today finds you well.

p.s. Thank you to Allie for her thoughtful encouragement.

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Allie said...

Oh my word, Gum Tree is such a lovely site! Right up my alley.