Sunday, May 31, 2009

north fork

The weekend was spent on Long Island, wine tasting in the beautiful and historic North Fork wine country. Long days in the office the last several weeks merited - no, demanded - a change of scenery and an opportunity to let my hair down/kick my feet up/enjoy life.  

I made reservations at a darling b&b, The Fordham House and booked a wine tour through North Fork Wine Tours.  We borrowed a fun car from work, took off Saturday morning, stopped at  Starbucks to kick off our weekend, and took Route 495 all the way into town, a 2 hour drive or so.  

I can't say enough about The Fordham House and hostess Pam.  Every detail was intentional, the decor was comfortable and charming, I noticed fresh flowers and fresh fruit in every room - hospitality seemed to follow you everywhere, inviting you to make yourself contentedly at home.  Pam greeted us with coffee and friendship bread, and we chatted out on the white-washed wrap-around porch while waiting to be picked up for our wine tour.  The food served was made with serious love (parfaits, exquisite french toast with warm strawberries, fruit salad - the mom kind with almond extract and coconut shavings, mimosas and belinis, fresh squeezed orange juice), and Pam was the hostess of the hour, incredibly accommodating.

The wine tour was fantastic - we visited a slew of wineries and learned a good deal at each one. My favorite was Duckwalk - unpretentious and  hardly assuming, the pourer was generous and good company, and I walked away with 5 bottles I can't wait to share with m & d.  Think: a jaw-dropping blueberry port to be served with dark chocolate in-between sips, the show-stopping red blend Gatsby - barrel-aged and semi-sweet, I purchased two bottles (and no, not just because Fitzgerald's prohibition masterpiece is a favorite), a blackberry port I could almost pour over a peanut butter sandwich it was that delicious, and a Southampton White blend with lemon and orange blossom nuances.  All wines will, as ever, be saved and shared with people I love.  That sounds as good of an excuse as any for a dinner party.

After the tour, Arin and I walked to Claudios, the oldest same-family restaurant in the United States,  and spent the perfect summer evening dancing the night away to live music on the dock.  We had invited Pam earlier in the day and were thrilled when she came and joined us.  

In all, it was a great weekend, a wonderful escape, and as I've sworn to rent a darling little summer cottage, I will absolutely return to Greenport sooner than later.  Like possibly next weekend.
The Fordham House

Arin (left) and I on Fordham House's porch enjoying coffee with Pam

Pairing a rich red with 85% dark chocolate at Raphael Vineyard

A sweet moment; the man on the left, vineyard owner and former doctor who followed his passions post-retirement, gave a knowledgeable tour of the vineyards.

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