Saturday, May 9, 2009

ikea myself

Today Jess and Taylor are making the jaunt across the Hudson to a) pick up a few of Jess' boxes that made the trip with my own and b) to hit up Ikea. I've been mentally and physically preparing myself (in my sleep) for this trip for the last 14 hours or so, when Jess and I decided it was our to-do for today.  Ikea both terrifies and fascinates me.  

I'm also making delicious sponge cake with strawberry jam to greet them when they get here. That's the c) part but they don't know it yet.

And tonight, we're meeting up with Beth and Ryan, possibly in Montclair or an equally as darling NJ suburb for a fun dinner.  I've been craving Spanish guitar recently and am determined to find a place that pacifies that craving - or live music, preferably acoustic, at the very least.

The first picture is of Kizzy, who I wish was joining us on our Ikea outing.  The second picture Kizzy snapped of Jess and Taylor when she was visiting last weekend.  This is probably what they look like trekking into B&T territory.

Ta ta!

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