Sunday, May 17, 2009


The artistic brand/company Lansing-Dreiden, "a trio of young NY artists who are often seen (or not seen) as an anonymous entity, unknown to the world except through the mythical nature of their work" has me fully enthralled.  First reading about them in an old edition of TOKION magazine, I found the possibility that they may or may not truly be the artists behind the work - the act of posing as Lansing-Dreiden the acual, intended exhibit - pretty brilliant.  It's up to the public whether or not they take Jorge, Diego, and Keith as the talent responsible.  TOKION author Maxwell Williams put it best:

The poetry of mystery - the internalization of communication - holds our gaze upon their works, deceptively simple and minimal, and always black-and-white.  Lansing-Dreiden looks always in at itself.  Lansing-Dreiden may be a myth; all of what you read may be false; Diego, Jorge and Keith could be figments of some artist's overactive imagination, or perhaps they are another red herring for the real Lansing-Dreiden - which is what?

Lansing-Dreiden publishes the literary magazine Death Notice, in addition to videos, sculptures, collages, paintings and music.  In 2006, their work was shown at Rivington Arms, a gallery - now closed - in Lower East Side.  I'd find it ideal to see their work up close.

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