Sunday, June 21, 2009

seven things

I've been tagged, and sweet Allie has requested I list seven things I love:

1. Travel, specifically anywhere that takes me to Santorini, Florence, Nice, Montecito, or Carmel. 
[Nice, France]

2. Benetint, for my preferred flush.

3. Crisp white linens with Ralph Lauren plaids – simple, classic. 

4. Used books via, and the feeling when sticking it to the mega-bookstore man. 

5. Classic piano, notably anything by George Winston.  I recommend Winston's rendition of Sarah McLaughlin’s Angel.

6. Bikram yoga, because if all else fails, this can make me feel me again. 

7. Seasonal foods, even better if enjoyed at Alice Water’s restaurant, Chez Panisse. 

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