Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yoga is invigoration in relaxation.  Freedom in routine.  Confidence through self control.  Energy within and energy without. - Ymber Delecto

I took a hot yoga class yesterday, and my body is feeling the aftermath of inconsistent practice and poorly stretched muscles - every movement hurts but in a beneficial way, as masochistic as that sounds. The heated room felt like home, and although the class was more Hatha Flow than Bikram (read: a different take on Bikram's 26 posture workout plus headstands) - and even though I spent a good amount of time watching, doing, and then catching up - the class made me feel me again.

And now here comes the hard part: figuring a way to work regular practice into my every-day.  Because I need it now more than ever.

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Allie said...

OMG, I have two free passes to a hot yoga class and I am so nervous to go, but I really have always wanted to try it.