Tuesday, November 17, 2009

second family

Debbie, Emily, and Amanda tried on a new coast last weekend. Their travels led them across the Hudson into B&T territory for dinner in Hoboken, and they were kind enough to invite me to stay with them in the city. 

A consistent drizzle, the requisite combination of foregoing the taxi/blindly navigating the subway, and our umbrella-less existence ensured one semi-soaked weekend, but no one minded. We were having too good of a time sampling bakery fare and taking in a performance of Phantom.

We reminisced, caught up on neighborhood-happenings, sang songs off of our beloved Newsies soundtrack (together in NYC, how could we not), brushed shoulders with Marisky Hartigay, and fought off state police personnel for snapping pictures in the subway.

Time/space can often alter friendships, but mine with this family is an exception; an easy instant, and I am swept back to life circa Arcel Circle. It was as though I woke up on an eager summer morning, stepped into my suit still damp from the day before, and ran next door for swimming and sliding and diving and PB&J on wheat.

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Allie said...

Every now and again, I just gotta break out the Newsies soundtrack.