Sunday, July 25, 2010

an office

Weekends with B are meaningful - they mean cuddling, coffee, conversation, etc. Weekends also mean several trips to Lowe's (usually three) and tackling one home project after another. Without fail, the end result is stunning. His handiness astounds me.

A few lessons learned:

Yoga breathing helps with things like stripping screws and 1/16th of an inch and counterintuitive wiring.

Shop Vacs can get rid of a lot of bugs in a short amount of time.

Dogs that shed named Mylie are poor substitutes for paint rollers.

Fireflies are intriguing and neon green.

It feels exceptionally gratifying to work hard with someone you love.

Projects on the horizon include replacing four doors upstairs, landscaping the front yard, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and building a chandelier (think: driftwood, thick rope, pulleys, and an antique steel candelabra). As one would guess, more to come.


Allie said...

WOW, I'm impressed!

Meg said...

When can I visit?